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I'm Daisy Ma, a product designer with a background in Interior Architecture.My training in architecture, collaborative problem solving, 3D modeling, visual communication, engineering systems has taught me to treat physical and digital environments holistically.

Design: A Love Story

About 12 years ago, I envisioned myself blending design and psychology to design healthcare spaces that heal people through integrated design. I fell in love with the power of design and storytelling. After a few internships at various architecture firms, I realized that there was little room to lend my non-design interests and skills to the architecture industry.

Marrying Design + Business

As someone who wants to learn anything an everything, I discovered a career that fit my goals. I saw a future where I could integrate my skills and interests in Product Design.

Leveling Up

My curiosity about innovation through design led me enroll in my dream Master's Program in Integrated Design, Technology, and Business at USC. My experience with collaborating with students with a business or technical background of various levels in various industries has given me a strategic lens on creating holistic design solutions for users and businesses.

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Business Insider

Literally any animal documentary

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Planet Money

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Working out my mind and body.

Knitting and crocheting.

Learning how to make vegetables taste good.

Freelancing in Web Design, Product Design, UX Design. Have a project? Let's chat!

about her

Product Designer. Podcaster. Hot Pepper Farmer. Minimalist.

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Author Name

Former VP of ads at Company

Material Visualizer

B2B Web App

Implementing a Web App in Material Bank to help architectural designers streamline the texture editing process.

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iOS Mobile App

Designing a mobile social card to help users stay connected with their physical interactions.

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B2C NFT Marketplace

Designing a B2C Musician NFT marketplace web app to connect musicians with fans

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About Me

Product Designer. Podcaster. Hot Pepper Farmer. Minimalist.

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